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by | Jun 3, 2017 | Marketing

Building on top of the already impressive UCE 2014, UCE 2015 brings a raft of new features that will improve the effectiveness of communications between employees, partners, suppliers and customers. This builds sustainable competitive advantage but requires organisations to adopt new processes and embrace new ways of working.

  • UCE Desktop

    With UCE Desktop you get access to an always up-to-date searchable directory, real-time presence information, instant messaging, communication history, visual voice mail and the ability to control conferences. You decide which phones you want to control and which phones you want to ring based on your status. You can IM and see the presence of people outside your organisation even if they are using another UC solution. With UCE Desktop you are in total control of your communications.

    New to 2015 – Start and control multi party web based conferences.

  • UCE Mobility

    Being mobile should not mean you are isolated from your colleagues. UCE Mobile allows you to see your colleagues at a glance complete with their presence status. Getting in contact is as simple as a tap to instant message, email or call. You can control any phone, or use your smart device as a Wi-Fi extension or a mobile extension over mobile data. While on a desk phone call you can bring the call to your smart device with a tap of a button.

    New to 2015 – Join web based conference with new smartphone client.

  • UCE Collaboration

    Sharing information and ideas with colleagues, customers and business partners needs to be easy. With UCE Conferencing from one to hundreds of people can join the same conference using a standards based browser. You can share your video, files and even applications in real-time allowing staff to workshop ideas with anyone, anywhere. Conferences can even be recorded for instant playback and sharing.

    New to 2015!

  • UCE Dterm

    When people call you, you will see the picture of the person calling and their contact details directly on your desk phone. Caller details and photos are retrieved from your personal and corporate directories ensuring they are always up-to-date. Waiting for your PC to start up? You can even search your corporate / personal directories, update your presence status or see your missed communications history all from your desk phone.

    New to 2015!

  • UCE Manager

    Managing a complete communications network can be overwhelming, but UCE Manager makes it easy. From a web browser your staff can manage their day to day maintenance with a simple to understand web interface. UCE manager can monitor your corporate directory and when a change is detected, automatically update your communications platforms – no re-entry, no errors.

    New to 2015 – auto fill, better SIP support

  • UCE Emergency

    With UCE designated staff will be alerted when someone dials 000 (or any other configurable emergency numbers). The alert provides important information such as the name of the person making the call and where they are located. Your emergency response staff can then either silently monitor or conference in on the call to better understand the emergency.

    New to 2015 – You can also send bulk alerts to staff (based on their location) directly to their desk phones, email and instant messages.

  • UCE Integration

    With Unified Communications for Enterprise you can tightly integrate your IT and communications solutions. With standard development tools like Java, .NET and SOAP, developers can take total control of their platform. With UCE’s XMPP support you can integrate chat and presence into your business applications. Imagine your staff off-site having the ability to send an instant message to your finance system to check stock levels, outstanding orders and prices.

    New to 2015!

  • UC Connector

    UC Connector allows a user of Lync or Skype for Business to receive incoming call notifications and control their phones all from the Lync / Skype client.

    New to 2015!


It is available from today on the SV9500 telephone system and will be made available on the SV9300 telephone system when version 3 is released in mid November 2015.


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