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Move your Contact Centre to the cloud and experience a highly reliable, secure, and a full-featured solution that can be up and running in weeks.

UNIVERGE BLUE® ENGAGE contact centre improves customer interactions for businesses of all sizes and helps you differentiate your business from the competition.

NEC UNIVERGE BLUE ENGAGE Contact Centre can be used with NEC’s UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT’s cloud telephony services or as a standalone solution with any other third-party telephony service.

NEC UNIVERGE BLUE® ENGAGE Contact Centre enables you to:
  • Support multi-site deployment and remote agents
  • Centralised management from one portal, accessible anywhere, any time
  • Keep an eye on service levels, and evaluate team performance by queue, team, or agent with real-time dashboards and historical reports
  • Easily manage customizable agent skillsets and statuses
  • Customizable call flows and exceptional QA features help ensure more efficient interactions
  • Agents can be configured to receive calls on IP phones, softphone or mobile, or even their personal landline.

NEC UNIVERGE BLUE® ENGAGE Contact Centre - More Information Click Here

NEC UNIVERGE BLUE® ENGAGE ADVANCED Contact Centre package offers IVR, skills-based routing, and historical reporting. You also get the option to add full omni-channel capabilities to take the conversation well beyond just voice.
NEC UNIVERGE BLUE® ENGAGE ADVANCED Contact Centre - More Information Click Here
NEC UNIVERGE BLUE® ENGAGE COMPLETE contact centre delivers exceptional performance - bolstered by built-in omni-channel, custom integrations, inbound/ outbound capability, scheduling management, workforce optimisation, and much more.
NEC UNIVERGE BLUE® ENGAGE COMPLETE contact centreMore Information Click Here.

The UNIVERGE BLUE ENGAGE ADVANCED and COMPLETE contact centre agent console enables agents to use a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to manage customer interactions of all media, including phone, chat, email and voicemail.

Benefits of the agent interface are:
The ADVANCED and COMPLETE agent console interface is available as a standalone Windows app or a web tool.
Both views show their status, queues, queue status as well as additional tools such as phonebook, keypad and chat.  Supervisors can use agent status as reported by the ENGAGE agent to take actions in the moment to enhance customer experience; they can monitor interactions, “whisper” to the agent to assist them in a non-disruptive manner, or if needed take control of the conversation. This is possible for both voice and chat interactions. 

Crucially, interactions fielded via the ENGAGE agent - whether via voice or other channels, if omni-channel capability has been enabled - gather critical customer and business-level data, which in turn powers extensive real-time analytics and historical reporting. 
Univerge blue engage advanced & complete Agent Interface (desktop)

Univerge blue engage advanced & complete Agent Interface (web)


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