Cloud Phone Systems for Small to Medium Businesses

Cloud Phone Systems for Small to Medium Businesses


Transform Your Business Communication with Our Cloud Business Phone Systems

At NECALL, we offer cutting-edge cloud business phone systems tailored specifically for small to medium businesses. Our advanced cloud pbx phone solutions revolutionise communication, enabling you to stay connected with your team and clients effortlessly.

Why Choose a Cloud Phone Systems?

  • Seamless connectivity across devices and locations
  • Flexible scalability to accommodate your business growth
  • Advanced features for efficient call management and collaboration
  • Reliable and secure cloud infrastructure
  • 24/7 customer support for uninterrupted service

Features and Benefits

Our cloud based office phone systems come packed with a range of features designed to enhance your business communication:

  • VoIP Technology

Experience crystal-clear voice calls and HD video conferences using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. Say goodbye to traditional phone lines and embrace the future of communication with VoIP hosted phone system.

  • Virtual Extensions

Efficiently manage your team with virtual extensions. Route calls to the right department or team member, even if they are working remotely. Boost productivity and streamline your communication process.

  • Auto Attendant

Impress your callers with a professional automated attendant. Route calls, provide essential information, and give your business a polished image.

  • Call Forwarding and Routing

Never miss an important call again. Easily forward calls to your mobile device or other team members, ensuring you stay connected even when you’re on the go.

  • Integration with Existing Systems

Our cloud phone systems seamlessly integrate with popular business tools like CRM software, allowing you to streamline workflows and enhance customer interactions.

  • Cost-Effective Solution

Save on infrastructure costs with our cloud-based phone systems. There’s no need for expensive hardware installations or maintenance. Get enterprise-level features at an affordable price.

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Upgrade your business communication with our advanced cloud PBX systems. Take advantage of the benefits of cloud technology and boost your team’s productivity.

Contact our experts today for a personalised consultation and find the perfect phone system solution for your small to medium business.

Connect Essentials


Unlimited calls to: Local, National, Australian Mobiles & 13/1300 number

NEC Mobile and Desktop applications

Video Conference (4 participants)

Share Cloud Storage 5 GB / per user (pooled)

Basic Hunt Groups

90+ enterprise-grade calling features included in the service

Fully Managed in the Cloud

Best choice

Connect Pro


Everything from Connect Essentials

Video Conference (100 participants)

Share Cloud Storage 50 GB / per user (pooled)

Advanced hunt group (Basic call centre features)

Voicemail Transcription


Connect Pro Plus


Everything from Connect Pro

Video Conference (200 participants)

Share Cloud Storage 200 GB / per user (pooled)

Advanced CRM Integration – Salesforce®

Zendesk® ServiceNow® NetSuite®

Microsoft Dynamics 365®

cloud based office phone system

Hosted Voice -UCaaS ​VoIP; Cloud PBX; VoIP Telephony; Hosted Voice


Are you looking for a VoIP business telephone system that offers a wide variety of features at an affordable price?

Whatever the needs of your business our cloud-based IP Phone System will transform your businesses communications.

With today’s rapidly changing environment, remote working solutions are a must for business continuity, so make sure your business is prepared.

One of the biggest benefits of using a VoIP / Hosted phone service is when you are working away from the office, you will get most, if not all, of the office functionality that you would expect as if you were in the office.

Our hosted voice solution is a full feature business phone system delivered over the internet. Our hosted voice plans offer more features and can be scaled to fit the needs of any business.

Some of our standard features include, automated attendant, voicemail, voicemail to email, instant messaging, and presence on a streamlined platform over the cloud.

Our selfcare client offer businesses an intuitive and easy to use application to manage their unified communications settings from their mobile or their desktop PC, Laptop or tablet.

It is so simple!

Key benefits:

  • The outsourcing of the unified communication solution to specialists so you can focus on your business, which reduces costs and associated risks (no need for in-house specialists, risk of technological obsolescence …)
  • Easy updating (centralised upgrade) to benefit from an always up-to-date solution.
  • Easy access to advanced services and features that are not always available or are very expensive on dedicated on site systems.
  • Fixed-mobile convergence (one voicemail, landine number presentation when calling from a mobile) these features are easier to implement from the Cloud.

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