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Are you looking for a VoIP business telephone system that offers a wide variety of features at an affordable price?

Whatever the needs of your business our cloud-based IP Phone System will transform your businesses communications.

With today’s rapidly changing environment, remote working solutions are a must for business continuity, so make sure your business is prepared.

One of the biggest benefits of using a VoIP / Hosted phone service is when you are working away from the office, you will get most, if not all, of the office functionality that you would expect as if you were in the office.

Our hosted voice solution is a full feature business phone system delivered over the internet. Our hosted voice plans offer more features and can be scaled to fit the needs of any business.

Some of our standard features include, automated attendant, voicemail, voicemail to email, instant messaging, and presence on a streamlined platform over the cloud.

Our selfcare client offer businesses an intuitive and easy to use application to manage their unified communications settings from their mobile or their desktop PC, Laptop or tablet.

It is so simple!

Did you Know?

Hosted PBX is used to describe a phone system that is hosted in the cloud (or Internet) and works via VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) other names include UCaaS, Hosted Voice, Hosted PBX, Unified Communications etc.



Choose a Call Plan

Choose a call plan per user that either includes unlimited call costs or PAYG for call costs for users not making many outside calls.

Choose your Feature Set

Choose a Standard or Premium licence for the features the user requires.

We offer a range of Handsets

Our hosted voice solution is compatible with a wide range of handsets. From basic handsets that contain just the essential call tools to high end units containing the latest in video calling. You can either rent or outright purchase your handset/s.

Call Handling

You'll have complete control over how calls go in and out of the system. You can have automated attendant menus. Deal with calls for staff who are busy or unavailable. Forward out of hours to calls to voicemail and mobiles.

Multi-Site Capabilities

If you have sites that are spread around Western Australia, Australia or the World we will be able to provide a solution that gives you unparalleled flexibility. Enable free calling between sites.

Smartphones (iPhone & Android)

Make your employees mobiles a part of the phone system. Our VoIP hosted phone services are completely compatible with smart phones so they can make and receive calls as part of the business even when they are not at their desk.

Soft Phones

We offer a softphone application with the premium licence that can make use of your existing PCs and laptops. No need to buy a handset just use an entirely software-based solution.

Key benefits:


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