NBN Phone Systems

NBN Telephone Systems - Your choice of onsite or hosted.

What are the Differences?

Onsite NBN Telephone System

An onsite NBN telephone system is installed at your business using NBN SIP Lines over the internet via your nominated carrier to reduce you call costs. These can be via the NBN, ADSL internet or dedicated broadband connection.

The onsite NBN compatible phone systems comes with over 200 features that have been developed over time because every business is different. Most businesses only use a handful of features but each business is unique and usually require a different set of features. The majority of these features are built-in at no extra cost. Just switch them on!

You'll also get access to other great features like voicemail to email and you can even keep your existing phone number.

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NECALL’s Value Add

You need to do the math’s; on first look you think the total cost of a premise based phone system could appear large, but becomes quite attractive given the amount of years you plan on using it; we have done the numbers and they stack up!

Cloud or hosted phone system

A cloud or hosted NBN phone system is where your phones connect through your Internet connection to a provider that has the equipment off-site “cloud” usually in a data centre. Every call, outgoing, incoming and internal will need to go via your internet connection.

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NECALL with our partners can offer plans with unlimited standard calls to Australian mobiles, local and national calls. The plan includes your line rental and handset. You'll also get access to other great features like voicemail to email and you can even keep your existing phone number.

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NECALL’s Value Add

What may seem complicated at first will become clear once we have spoken you through your options and advised you on what is best for your business needs. We endeavour to assist you from start to finish in finding an appropriate Business Voice & Data solution and will never suggest a solution that is not suited to your business.

Frequently asked questions

Can my Commander, Optus or Telstra numbers get ported to my new NBN Phone System?
Your existing Commander, Telstra or Optus landline numbers can be ported on to the same.

How much bandwidth do I need for each NBN PBX Phone call?
At a minimum we specify 100kbps in both upload and download speeds for each phone call. That said if you have 8 six lines its unlikely all 6 lines would be in use on the phone system at once so you need to make and estimate of the bandwidth required based on your usage patterns.

Can I run NBN Phone systems on an ADSL 2 connection?
Yes but ideally it will be an ADSL service dedicated to the phones suitable for NBN. ADSL with around 800Kbps upload speed should be able to manage around 6 simultaneous calls. If the service is shared and someone in the office is sending a large email file at the same time you may have call quality issues.

A few things to be checked before installing a NBN ready PABX system. Its one thing to have a fast connection with adequate bandwidth but if there is a quality issue on the line, you can still have call quality problems. Go to http://www.speedtest.net/apps/desktop and check your score for Ping, Packet Loss ad Jitter. Ideally you will have ping less than 80ms, Packet Loss under 1% and jitter under 15ms.

Can I use my existing Phone System?
There are some telephone companies advising customers that their business phone systems will not work on the NBN and they will need to be upgraded; in this scenario its worth checking as there may be other solutions available. Just about any telephone systems can be made to work with the NBN either with internal or external equipment.

If your company does use older equipment this is really the time when you should consider about upgrading to new technology, particularly as the cost savings of VoIP / SIP trunks alone would be worth the effort. Number portability is provided to VoIP/SIP trunks so you can keep your existing phone numbers.

What Services will have to be moved to the NBN?
Copper landline phone services and ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+ internet services that work over these landlines. See the NBN Co web site for more details nbnco It’s important to check your business address to find out about the roll out in your area, as the steps to prepare for installation differ for each location.

We will do all the hard work for you, making switching to the NBN as quick and simple as possible!
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