Cordless Telephones

NECALL supply wide range of cordless telephones at cost effective rates to Australian businesses. We offer below range of cordless phones and corded phones:

Siemens Gigaset Range of Cordless Telephones

Made with quality materials, the Gigaset range of analogue and IP cordless telephones have a solid look and feel. Enjoy the freedom of hands-free talking with brilliant sound quality with every conversation.

Many of the units are expandable up to 6 handsets

Siemens Gigaset Gigaset Cordless Phones Gigaset Cordless Telephones Siemens Gigaset Cordless Telephones Siemens Gigaset Cordless Phones

Uniden Range of Cordless Phones and Corded phones

Uniden has a fantastic range of cordless phones and corded phones available. XDECT, XDECT R, ELITE, Premium DECT, DECT, WDECT, SCR technology, corded, long range cordless phones and many others. Uniden telecommunications include communication products such as, cordless phones, corded telephones plus accessories including phone batteries and leather cases.

Cordless Phones Cordless Telephones Corded Telephones Corded Phones Cordless

EnGenius Cordless Phones

A Scalable Solution

Each SN933 base station supports up to 9 individual SN933 handsets.

SN933 Cordless Telephone SN933 Cordless Phone System SN933 Phone SN933 Cordless Handsets

iServ DECT

The iServ IP DECT provides an affordable, scalable on-site solution for employee mobility; allowing you to offer a device to your employees that enables them to keep in-touch with colleagues and customers whenever they may be away from their desk, thus maintaining customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

iServ DECT

Link to the iServ IP DECT Page


NEC’s communications solutions deliver high quality wireless voice communications to employees.

NEC IP DECT Cordless Phone System

Link to the NEC IP DECT Page

Polycom Kirk DECT

Polycom Kirk DECT

The new Polycom KIRK KWS300 is the ideal addition to provide DECT wireless extensions to IP PBX platforms via SIP interface. Supporting up to 12 DECT handsets, the KWS300 controller has a built in DECT base station and can carry up to 4 simultaneous voice calls. Radio coverage can be further expanded with up to 6 wireless repeaters, making this the ideal solution for any small-midsized site where mobility is required.

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