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Wi-Fi Adapter for the NEC DT Series IP Handsets | NECALL

Available NOW is the NEC Wi-Fi Adapter for the NEC DT830 Series and DT730 IP telephone handsets. The Wi-Fi Adapter has been specifically designed for the NEC DT Series of IP handsets. It easily fits into the expansion slot (underside) of the terminal and is hidden from the user with no exposed additional hardware and cables cluttering the desktop. This adapter will give you a WiFi desk phone and a connection for your PC.

React Quickly to Change

The NEC Wi-Fi Adapter provides flexibility and adaptability to quickly establish new or move existing handsets to suit businesses changing needs without the cost of additional wired network infrastructure.

Scenarios include:

Trialling a new location for a telephone handset to better serve the needs of customers in a Hotel Lobby.

Project environments where a team of people come together for a certain period of time and then disband at the end of the project.

Or more permanently in the case of buildings which have poor access for wired infrastructure.

Heritage buildings.

In each case the Customer has the ability to gain greater reach from its investment in communications technology to better serve it and its Customer’s needs.

Authorised NEC Channel Partner

As an Authorised NEC Channel Partner, NECALL Voice & Data can support all of NEC's legacy telephone systems as well as provide a cost effective migration path to the SV9000 series telephony platforms, while preserving your original NEC investment.


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