NEC Launches the SL2100 telephone system

by | Jun 3, 2017 | Marketing

The NEC SL2100 telephone system is a cost effective and powerful communications solution specifically designed with the small business in mind. The NEC SL2100 phone system can make your employees more reachable, more responsive and more productive through smart features along with rich functionality expected of much larger phone systems. This feature rich SL2100 small business phone system provides Auto Attendant and Voice mail at no extra cost and with a choice of either VoIP, IP or digital technologies, the SL2100 is a truly versatile solution.You have the option to choose from multiple carrier interfaces including connection to the NBN using SIP / VoIP trunks; the NEC SL2100 business telephone system lets you take advantage of voice over IP (VoIP) technology to reduce your call costs. Additionally, there are a number of sma mobility o for users, such as remote/home office support, mobile wireless handsets, smartphone SIP Apps and mobile extensions.

With the rise of Toll Fraud, the NEC SL2100 phone system has an InApp called “InGuard” which is an effective, low cost solution to help protect a business against the rise of toll fraud attacks. Toll fraud is a fraudulent attempt by a hacker to gain unlawful remote access to a phone system. Attacks are often highly organised from an automated server and once accessed, fraudulent calls are connected and over a period of time, can run up call charges of potentially thousands. Typically, these occur out of office hours and are usually not discovered until it is too late.


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