SL2100 - Small Business Phone System

Choosing a business VoIP telephone system does not need to be difficult, with the latest NEC SL2100 Telephone System you get excellent value for your investment with low running costs as it has less hardware, less licenses and less maintenance for you worry about.

You have the option to choose from multiple carrier interfaces including connection to the NBN using SIP trunks; the NEC SL2100 business telephone system lets you take advantage of voice over IP (VoIP) technology to reduce your call costs.

NEC SL2100 Downloads

NEC SL2100 Brochure | NEC SL2100 Data Sheet | NEC InReports

NEC SL2100 Handsets

The NEC SL2100 phone system is easily expanded from an entry level system with 2 phones to a system supporting up to 112 phones at multiple locations.

You can roam around your office while staying connected and reachable. The SL2100’s IP mobile handsets enable you to take most of the features and functionality of your desktop phone with you as you take care of business from different locations. Additionally, there are a number of Smart Mobility options for users, such as remote/home office support, mobile wireless handsets, smartphone (Click Here to See the Mobile App in Action) SIP App’s, and mobile extensions.

The NEC SL2100 telephone system also offers the latest in system features, such as voicemail to email integration, mobility options to integrate your mobile phone, video conferencing, call recording, ACD Call Centre and more! Given that varying industries require certain different features, it has different offerings for retail, healthcare, food service, entertainment, and hospitality.

The NEC SL2100 business telephone system includes an expanded and diverse portfolio of InApps. As well as providing compelling business benefits, these built-in/on-board apps require no external PC or server making them highly cost effective and reliable.

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NEC InReports

This low cost, easy to use solution monitors your system all day, every day. This provides real-time statistics enabling greater productivity, lower costs and enhanced customer service. Call Lists, Reports, Graphical Data and Wallboards can be viewed in a Web Browser and are available 24/7. Up to 90,000 call records per year can be stored internally on your system without the need for extra hardware. Reports are pre-defined or easily customised and can be analysed via a department, user or call type. Reports can be displayed as graphs and also exported as csv files.

Wallboards Real-time statistics displayed in large tiles for trunks, DIDs and extensions:
  • Total answered
  • Average answer time
  • Total unanswered
  • Average ring duration
  • Outgoing
  • Average outgoing duration
InReports Overview Click Here

NEC SL2100 Telephone System

Typical Usage Examples the NEC SL2100 telephone system is used in

Business Phone Systems for Small/Medium Organisations

Organisations of all types require a robust telephone system, including businesses for real estate, insurance, finance/ banking, law, as well as non-profits and churches.

Small Office Phone Systems for Retail stores and factories.

Telephone Systems for Healthcare & Dentist Offices

Hospitality Telephone Systems Small Hotels & Motels

Built In Applications on the NEC SL2100 Telephone System.

The SL2100 telephone system now includes an expanded and diverse portfolio of InApps. As well as providing compelling business benefits, these built-in/on-board apps require no external PC or server thus making them highly cost effective and reliable.

NEC SL2100 NEC SL2100 Telephone Systems WebChat WebRTC

InUC – Built-in collaboration

In today’s working environment, employees are spread across different locations. InUC is a unified communications application providing video conferencing, collaboration, document sharing, presence and instant messaging for any business. Utilising WebRTC (Real-Time Communications) the InUC application provides highly cost effective video and collaboration that works seamlessly within your IT environment.

See InUC in Action Click here.................

Toll Fraud - InGuard - Get secure

InGuard is an effective, low cost solution to help protect a business against the rise of toll fraud attacks. Toll fraud is a fraudulent attempt by a hacker to gain unlawful remote access to a phone system. Attacks are often highly organised from an automated server and once accessed, fraudulent calls are connected and over a period of time, can run up call charges of potentially thousands. Typically, these occur out of office hours and are usually not discovered until it is too late.

See InGuard in Action Click here.................

Hotel & Motel Applications

NEC’s SL2100’s Hotel/Motel application provides personalised services that enhance guest’s experience along with powerful support for front/back office functions. Ideal for hotels of up to 120 rooms, this easy to use platform is designed to increase your staff’s productivity, ensure your guests have a memorable stay and significantly lower your running costs. Hotel/Motel offers everything from guestroom messaging, wake-up calls, and single digit dialing to front/back office functions such as message waiting, room status, flexible numbering plan to voicemail integration to manage mailboxes.

Hosted vs the NEC SL2100 On Premise Telephone System.

What are the Differences?

A premises based telephone system solution is usually installed at your business.

A cloud or hosted phone system is where your phones connect through your Internet connection to a provider that has the equipment off-site “cloud” usually in a data centre.

The NEC SL2100 is on premise phone system with over 300 features that have been developed over time because every business is different. Most businesses only use a handful of features but each business is unique and usually require a different set of features. The majority of these features are built-in at no extra cost. Just switch them on!

You need to do the math’s; on first look you think the total cost of a premise based phone system could appear large, but becomes quite attractive given the amount of years you plan on using it; we have done the numbers and they stack up!

Your NEC SL2100 VoIP phone system can also take advantage of VoIP phone services to reduce your call costs, you can opt for unlimited or a combination of low per call rate / metered plans. These can be via the NBN, internet or dedicated broadband connection.

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