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NEC SV9100 InHotel Guest Management App

NEC Launch of SV9100 InHotel Guest Management App in Australia.

The NEC SV9100 InHotel Guest Management application is a complete hotel room booking, billing and administration application targeting 2 and 3-star hotels with a maximum of 120 rooms.

The InHotel application integrates with the existing SV9100 Hotel application for telephony and housekeeping support to manage in-room telephone calling restrictions, voicemail for guests, wake-up calls and up to date status on hotel room cleaning states.

As InHotel is an on-board application there is no requirement for a PC or server to run the application and with only upfront licensing costs the hotelier does not have any recurring monthly costs.

Key Benefits

  • Increase productivity levels – Time-saving features for all staff Having trouble viewing this email
  • View Online Enhance customer service levels – Faster check-ins, check-outs; sharper response times
  • Lower costs – Single initial cost, no recurring monthly subscriptions
  • On-board application – No extra PC server hardware or maintenance
  • Always on 24/7 – Browser-based Easy, flexible & faster billing – Room rates, call costs, mini bar, spa, restaurant & more
  • Complete hotel room management – Real-time status dashboard
  • InHotel Overview YouTube Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndQjs4n3SZw
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