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NEC SV9300 Version 3 Software Release | NECALL

From November 2015 the NEC SV9300 main software is upgraded to version 3 which has some new features and enhancements as follows:

Hotel / Motel Enhancements
  • Snooze Call Back on a Wake Up Call
  • Voice Prompts for Hotel Guests Calls to busy Hotel Service Queues
  • Hotel Guest Name and VIP Information available across multisite Hotels
  • Automated Hotel Guest Room Change/Swap

Introduction of Malicious Call Block

  • When a User receives a Call deemed to be malicious / threatening the User can register the Caller to the SV9300 Malicious Caller List. Should the Caller attempt to contact the Company again the Caller can be either blocked or have the Call routed to a designated User for action.

Click to Call from User Web Portal

  • From the SV9300 User Web Portal a call can be made from personal/Common Directory by clicking on the Call button.

Mobile Calls Charged Against the Business Account

  • For Mobile Users with a Personal Mobile Phone plan they can adopt this feature and have their Mobile calls deliver their Caller ID but have the call charged to the Business Account as a Mobile Call.


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