Phone System for Healthcare Facilities and Doctors’ Offices

We provide telephone systems that are simple to use that supports both patients and staff. We have phone systems for aged care facilities, phone system for doctor’s rooms / offices and hospitals telephone systems. NECALL supplies smart communications solutions designed, installed and maintained for the healthcare industry.

Telephone Systems for Hospitals & Healthcare

UNIVERGE BLUE CLOUD SERVICES for Healthcare enables clinicians and caregivers to collaborate more effectively to create efficient and integrated cloud-based patient care and experiences.


Healthcare organisations, with UNIVERGE BLUE’s feature-rich highly available communications and infrastructure services, can achieve exceedingly connected environments where patients and care providers benefit from safe, secure and assured connectivity and functionality. Patient care becomes more immediate, dynamic and adaptive while UNIVERGE BLUE’s cloud infrastructure services offer the reliability needed to support healthcare organisation’s information intensive and compliance-controlled caseloads.

The Workday Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

With NEC’s UNIVERGE BLUE®, you will streamline how your teams work together and support customers with chat, video, and phone and more, all in one virtual workspace for every type of conversation. Tools your employees love and at a financially manageable and predictable expense. A platform designed for flexibility where people get work done, together.


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