Conference Bridge

The SV9100 Conference Bridge provides businesses with a flexible, in-house conferencing solution with excellent voice quality. This robust conference bridge enables businesses to leverage technology to enhance collaboration, lower travel expenses and meet the needs of both employees and customers.

Reduce your Conferencing Costs with SV9100 Conference Bridge.

Due to increased employee decentralization and the constant need for collaboration, owning an in-house conference system is no longer a luxury reserved for big corporations. An investment in the SV9100 Conference Bridge eliminates the ongoing cost and security risks of hosting conference calls through an outside vendor. It can also reduce the need for employee travel by providing a more cost effective means of communication.

The SV9100 Conference Bridge can work with traditional circuit switched technology, ISDN and VoIP, or a combination of technologies. Thanks to this flexibility, businesses can invest in conference bridge technology now and be confident that their investment will be as sound in the future as today.

Impressive intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) for you PC

The SV9100 Conference Bridge extensive feature set can be accessed and managed through any PC with network access and a standard web browser. Using its intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), conferences can be scheduled up to one year in advance. If e-mail addresses are entered for participants, each participant is sent a conference schedule with a unique password for extra security.

Basic Conference Features:

  • Select entry and exit tones.
  • Select memorable Access Codes and PINs.
  • Select name announcement on/off.
  • Select enter audio conference muted on/off etc.
  • Schedule recurring audio conferences via the Web Portal.
  • Use Microsoft Outlook iCalendar application to send invitations to desired participants.
  • Conduct audio conference with or without Moderator presence required.
  • See real time view of a running audio conference via Web Portal.
  • Participants can be seen by name or by caller ID.
  • Display loudest speaker – helps identify and mute participants that may be inadvertently injecting noise or echo into the audio conference.
  • Exercise multiple in-conference controls via phone key presses or the Web portal.
  • On-the-fly dial out and add participants to running conference.
  • Transfer participants between conferences via web portal.
  • Raise Hand to get moderators attention.
  • Send a detailed end of conference summary report to the moderator after a given audio conference is over.

Enhancement License Features:

The Home Page allows you to access the other screens, such as managing your profile and creating conferences. The Home Page also lists the existing conference rooms in your account.
As the users accept their invitations, the appropriate conference related information will be posted on their calendars. By default, the reminder is set to 15 minutes before the start of the conference. Outlook will remind all potential users when the conference start time approaches.

Remote Conference Feature of SV9100

The Remote Conference feature enhances the built in conference capabilities of the SV9100 by allowing outside parties to dial a Remote Conference pilot number and password to connect to a Conference call. A maximum of 20 simultaneous Remote Conference calls are possible with proper licensing and available conference resources. In addition, the conference call can be password protected so that any user joining the conference would be required to enter a password before being connected.

Authorised NEC Channel Partner

As an Authorised NEC Channel Partner, NECALL Voice & Data can support all of NEC's legacy telephone systems as well as provide a cost effective migration path to the SV9000 series telephony platforms, while preserving your original NEC investment.

NECALL can supply and install a telephone system that fits with your business requirements. We can also take care of your cabling and data networking requirements. One company to take care of your total IT.

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