Yealink IP DECT

Yealink W80 IP DECT Cordless Solutions

This Yealink W80 IP DECT Cordless System brings scalability and increased mobility to business users, provides a seamless handover and roaming, stable communication experience, and simple deployment service covering multiple scenarios, including warehouses, hotels, car dealerships, offices, hospitals, aged care, etc.

The Yealink W80 DECT IP Multi-Cell System supports the networking of the W80DM (DECT Manager) and up to 30 W80B base stations. This system supports the registration of up to 100 multiple terminal devices, including the W53H, W56H, CP930W, and DD Phone (T41S+DD10K). With support for up to 100 concurrent calls.

The Yealink W59R Shock, Dust and Water Resistant

The Yealink W59R, certified to rigorous IP67 standard, is a professional ruggedised DECT handset with integrated Bluetooth and vibration alarm that is for any demanding environment.
Yealink W59R certified Ingress Protection rating of 67(IP67) and long-life lithium battery, which can be entirely relied on in the complicated and harsh working environment, such as construction sites, factories and warehouses. Meanwhile, its tough rubberised surface protects the handset from slipping, scratching and disinfectant.

A series of alarm functions, including push-button alarm, no-movement alarm, man-down alarm and running alarm, aim to minimise safety risks. The administrator can configure different types of alarm for different members and the emergency calls will be sent automatically once an emergency occurs.
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