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Spectralink Versity - smart / ruggedised phone

Spectralink Versity allows you to manage tasks and teams easily, at the office or on the go. You get all the power, performance and functionality of an enterprise grade device with the look and feel of a personal smartphone.

Purpose built to support today’s mobile workforces, Spectralink Versity offers the best features of both a consumer smartphone and a ruggedised enterprise phone.

Spectralink Versity Models

Standard: (New for 2020)
  • Versity 9240 – Wi-Fi smartphone
  • Versity 9253 – Wi-Fi with barcode scanner smartphone

  • Versity 9540 – Wi-Fi smartphone
  • Versity 9553 – Wi-Fi with barcode scanner smartphone

LTE Option:
  • Versity 9640 – Wi-Fi and LTE smartphone
  • Versity 9653 – Wi-Fi, LTE with barcode scanner smartphone

Redefining Mobile Communications  
  • Spectralink Versity offers best-in-class Wi-Fi and LTE coverage to keep your employees connected.
  • Proprietary VQO technology ensures crystal clear communication and superior voice quality while roaming, with echo and noise cancellation.
  • Purpose-Built for a 24x7 Enterprise
  • Spectralink Versity delivers uninterrupted communication around the clock, giving workers constant access to the data and teams they need.
  • True hot swappable batteries enable zero downtime, even while the phone is in use.
Open Platform for Innovation
  • Open, Android platform helps you keep pace with new mobile technologies.
  • Integration with the industry’s largest ecosystem of application partners supports your business workflows.
User-Friendly Design
  • Only 12.2 mm thick, Spectralink Versity delivers the sleekest, lightest enterprise smartphone on the market.
  • Durable, IP68 rated. Resistant to dust, drops and liquids, it helps achieve optimal performance in the harshest environments.
Spectralink Versity - Smart Phone

The Spectralink 84-Series Wi-Fi handsets

The Spectralink 84-Series Wi-Fi handsets solution delivers a superior user experience with Spectralink VQO (Voice Quality Optimization). Spectralink 84-Series Wi-Fi handsets are powered by UC software that provides full integration with all major SIP call platforms including Microsoft Skype for Business®, Cisco call servers and others.

The Spectralink 84-Series Wi-Fi handsets delivers high-quality, secure communications to meet the needs of mobile workers in industries such as Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing and Hospitality - empowering them to stay connected and work more efficiently throughout their workplaces.

The 84-Series includes:
  • 8440 - Baseline VoWLAN product with enterprise-grade onsite voice mobility
  • 8441 - VoWLAN product with enterprise-grade onsite voice mobility with SAFE feature
  • 8453 - Adds an integrated barcode reading capability​
Spectralink 84-Series Wi-Fi handsets
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