Unified Communications Suite for Business

We understand the important role communications play in building and maintaining your business relationships. How effectively you communicate with customers, resellers, key suppliers and business partners can be the difference between business won and business lost.

NECs Unified Communications for Business are streamlined, easy to use applications that can be tailored to meet the needs of almost any size business. The solution is able to integrate contact centre functionality with unified messaging, rich presence, mobility and desktop telephony applications.

The contact centre has become a vital component in an organisation’s customer experience strategy, tasked with delivering the best possible experience across every interaction.

Contact Centre SP310
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Deliver calls with intelligent, flexible routing options. The agent desktop interface lets managers view real-time information on queue and agent performance. The agent interface a clean, modern looking, lean footprint and context aware interface called TouchPoint.


Provides agents, supervisors and managers a browser based real-time picture of contact centre performance. Up-to-the-minute data on queue and agent status can be viewed by customer support teams or provided to customers on an external web page.


Interactive voice response (IVR) is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice applications or by touch on a telephone keypad. Callers can perform routine transactions and receive the information they require without the need to interact with a live agent.

Virtual Call Centre

The virtual call centre allows organisations to manage and use agents in multiple locations as a single entity, providing every agent with all functions and features, and enables seamless call routing and transferring across the organisation.


Gives callers the option of an automated call back, eliminating the frustration of waiting in a queue and therefore reduced abandonment rate. Callback also reduces the costs associated with callers holding on your inbound free-phone number.


Provides callers with updated messages of their position in the queue. The built-in auto attendant ensures they are connected to the most appropriate agent based on the information they have previously provided.

Multi-Channel Queuing

NEC UCB provides the flexibility to add or configure additional functionality as requirements and budgets change, enabling organisations to quickly change their call centre into a true multi-channel contact centre, and giving customers the choice to communicate on their own terms.

Channels include standard voice, Email, Fax, SMS, Social Media and Web Chat.

Unified Communications

Today’s workforce is mobile and dispersed and workers are no longer bound to their desks. Business information is available regardless of location and the ability to action this information is critical to increasing innovation and raising productivity.

This increases demand for new applications and devices that enable more flexible working styles along with supporting new processes and individual contact preferences.


Make contact the first time and every time you call.

Presence is at the heart of the UC application. It gives you the availability and whereabouts of your organisation in real-time.

If the person you’re after is in a meeting, or on the phone, you can request notification when they return to their desk, or when they finish a call. You can make yourself accessible to others in the same way.

Presence gives you a bird’s eye view of the organisation by providing real-time information on the whereabouts and availability of staff regardless of their location.

Unified Messaging

Access emails, voicemails and faxes from a single application

Unified Messaging lets you access your voice and fax messages from within your email application, and automatically synchronises your Presence with your Microsoft Outlook or Calendar.

Heavy users of email, voice and fax messaging will experience a significant increase in their productivity by eliminating the time spent accessing multiple messaging applications. UM is also ideal for employees that are often away from the office, giving a single point of access for all their messages.


Mobilise your workforce for greater productivity

Mobility has become one of the key features of unified communications. This is the ability to communicate wherever you are - to be contacted and make contact on any device, at any location, at your own convenience.

Compatible on NEC or Cisco communication solutions, NEC’s Mobile User application is just one part of NEC’s mobility offering; functionality that is growing and developing with each new release. This licensable module is for iOS or Android smartphone and tablet users, and web users.

Whether your personnel are offsite, or roaming onsite, Mobile User gives them the tools they need to communicate efficiently and effectively with colleagues and customers.

Not only can they facilitate inbound calls, by controlling availability and access via their Presence Profile – they also have easy and informed access to colleagues, as well as company contacts.

Gateway for Microsoft Skype for Business

Leverage existing IT investments

This module is an excellent opportunity to maximise previous NEC PBX investments by integrating into a Microsoft Skype for Business environment. This gateway is included in the UCB core license. In a pure Microsoft Skype communication server environment, the application can integrate directly without additional gateway modules.

Integration Services

Today, customer service extends beyond the four walls of the contact centre to include marketing, back office and other service organisations. UCB applications have the ability to integrate with back office systems to bring disparate tools/systems together for effective customer service outcomes.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

This module supports the integration of agents with CRM screens and data, enabling screen-pop of CRM screens and dialing from CRM phone number data. Integrations include: Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Pivotal, Remedy, Salesforce, SalesLogix, SAP, Siebel and many others.


Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

CTI is a lynchpin technology in advanced CRM environments. With its ability to coordinate voice and data traffic in integrated customer service applications, CTI enables companies to resolve customer issues in real time and to personalise the company-customer interaction based on the customer’s history, such as purchasing and previous service incidents.

Workforce Management

Maximise your resources by pulling contact centre data directly into Workforce Management tools for agent adherence and/or workforce staffing statistics. Supports a choice of interfaces, for example: Aspect, Symon, TotalView, Verint, or generic WFM.

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