NEC SV9300 - Medium to Large Telephone System

The NEC SV9300 Telephone System is for medium to large businesses that wish to take full advantage of what VoIP, IP Telephony and Unified Communications has to offer.

NEC SV9300 Phone System

NEC business phone systems cover a range of digital and IP phones, wireless phones, conference phones, and peripherals to suite business of all sizes and industries. The NEC SV9300 phone system is reliable, scalable, adaptable and easy to manage; built on cutting edge technology that supports voice, unified communications and collaboration, unified messaging and mobility.
NEC SV9300 Telephone System

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NEC SV9300

NEC SV9300 – A perfect unified communications solutions for your business. We supply and install NEC SV9300 telephone systems at cost effective prices to Australian businesses. Request a free quote today!

Freedom of choice with the range of NEC telephone handsets or third party devices

NECs SV9300 telephone system supports the latest range of NEC handsets and mobile devices The SV9300 phone system can also support a range of third party IP telephone handsets such as the Polycom range of IP SIP Phones and Voice Conferencing Units. If you want mobility, the NEC SV9300 phone system supports NEC IP DECT wireless handsets and third party IP DECT wireless handsets such as the iServ and mobile devices such as iPhone and Android.

 Telephone Handsets For Every Work Situation - IP, WiFi, Digital

Unify Your Communications, Messaging, and Collaboration

NECs SV9300 telephony platform and UCs applications empower user to dictate and manage how, when and where he/she wants to be reached via the desktop and mobile clients.  And with the help and inclusion of single number reach, an integrated softphone, call forwarding  and voice/video conferencing and collaboration you can ensure that your customers can reach whomever they need to, when they need to.

With the SV9300 phone system and UC applications, your employees retain ownership of their communications. They can set their schedule and their phone rings accordingly, also launch a meeting or customer service session and manage it directly from their desktop.

Make it Easy to Connect and Enhance Customer Experience

UC for Enterprise (UCE) Contact Center suite provides you with all the tools necessary to make each interaction between your customers and your business quick and easy. Between improved response times, reduced abandon rates, lower operating costs and increased revenues, both you and your customers will see a return on your investment with the installation of the SV9300 telephone system and the UCE Contact Center Suite.

The UCE Contact Center Suite offers:

Skills based routing cantered on the callers area code, caller ID, account code and auto attendant selection

The ability to set caller expectations with estimated time to answer and spoken queue depth information

Gives callers the option to request an immediate or scheduled call back when the wait time is over a certain time.

Custom announcements to callers in queue with useful information and offers callers the ability to reach the appropriate agent based on menus and selections

Customise your Solution by Industry

Communications technologies should cater to your needs, not the other way around.

In Your Hotel or Motel

A hospitality environment presents the ultimate challenge for customer service employees, and the SV9300 telephony solution caters to these needs perfectly. With the demand for a mobile connected workforce growing in the hospitality industry; efficient communications are critical to maintaining high-quality guest services.

Hospital, Retirement Villages, Independent Living and Aged Care Facilities

Every Health Care administrator wants to streamline clinical workflows and enable better patient care. The SV9300 telephone system lets hospitals meet the challenges of healthcare information sharing head on. From managing the flow of the patients in the reception area, to ensuring that Doctors, nurses and staff can be reached from one phone extension wherever they may be in the hospital. The SV9300 phone system is a unique solution that reduces the administrative and process driven strains on your IT system, so your staff can get back to what they do best: caring for patients.


State and Local Governments are simplifying the deployment, operations, and interoperability of their communications solutions. The SV9300 telephone system allows governments to both streamline communications and ultimately provide more connected end user experiences from any location across multiple devices, and improve enterprise telephony with advanced communications features all while running in your own secure, safe environment

Maintain IT efficiently

The NEC SV9300 Telephone System platform easily integrates with existing IT technology as a fully interoperable digital or IP system. The user friendly management interface streamlines system administration, giving your IT department one personalised portal to administer the entire communications system. Voice, Unified Communications, and Voicemail will all be managed from one central location.

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