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Using VoIP / Cloud Voice to Work Remotely

VoIP and the Internet has changed the way we conduct business. 

One of the most asked VoIP features from our customers is the ability to work remotely from home, but maintain the same phone functionality as they would have at the office.

How can VoIP phones help me work remotely from home?

With our VoIP phone service, you can actually take home your IP handset from your office and work remotely.

  • You will keep the same number.
  • It will function as if you’re in the office.
  • You’ll be able to dial extensions, transfer calls, see whos on the phone, receive and make calls.

What are other options do I have for working remotely with a VoIP phone system or Hosted PBX voice service?

  • You can use the softphone on the desktop PC / Laptop.
  • You can use the smartphone App on your mobile phone

VoIP phone services  means you can continue conducting business, even if your office cannot.

What do you need to work from home?

  • You will need a reliable NBN internet connection. 
  • You will need a power adapter for your IP phone.

If you are still using an On-Premises phone system and need assistance in migrating to a Hosted VoIP PBX solution, click here and send us an email requesting more information or complete the form below.


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