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NEC SV9100 R5 Main Software Release | NECALL

The NEC SV9100 R5 Main Software release delivers the ability for SV9100 telephone system users to host Video Conferences from their desktops, not only with internal staff but also with external parties. During a Video Conference session document sharing is also available to enhance the collaboration and decision making between parties.

In addition the following enhancements have been introduced: Secure SIP Trunk Communications

For Internet based SIP Trunk Providers the SV9100 now supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols with encryption of SIP messaging to protect a company’s communications from third party attacks.

Multiple Gateway support for SIP Carrier connections

Currently the SV9100 supports a single Router however, with the SV9100 R5 release it can support multiple Gateways giving the Customers the opportunity to leverage services from multiple carriers and also to have redundancy options in the event of Carrier downtime.

Toll Fraud Monitoring

The Toll Fraud Guard is an active call monitoring application that can be used to help prevent toll fraud from happening. It works by monitoring SMDR output provided by the PBX and applies user configured rules to look for call trends that could be deemed fraudulent. When potential fraudulent activity takes place the guard can send email notifications to users informing them of the suspicion.

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