Multiline Client (MLC) Softphone for Windows and MAC

by | May 3, 2023 | Marketing

NEC Australia has the launched the Multiline Client (MLC) Softphone for Windows and MAC. With the MLC Softphone, members can stay connected to the company’s communications platform in a professional and seamless manner. The MLC Softphone is supported on NEC’s SL2100, UNIVERGE SV9100, SV9300, and SV9500. communications platforms.
At a glance:

  • Your remote workforce stays professionally connected with the NEC Multiline Client Softphone
  • Supported on NEC’s SL2100, SV9100, SV9300 and SV9500 communications platforms
  • Emulates the intuitive interface of an NEC 32 button self-labeling phone on a laptop or personal computer for a consistent user experience
  • Provides access to voicemail with Message Waiting Indicator Light
  • Enables programming of ringtones and configuration of soft-keys
  • Offers access to the majority of SV9000 series system features
  • Enables easy transfer of calls to mobile devices and desktop telephones
  • Operates internally on corporate wired and wireless networks or outside the network on a reliable VPN connection
  • Syncs and provides access to Microsoft® Outlook® contacts
  • Provides access to Call Logs (Missed, Outgoing and Incoming calls)
  • Supports Bluetooth® and wired headsets
  • User-Friendly Interface – Little or no staff training required
  • Customisable Function Keys – Soft-keys can be adapted to the exact individual requirements of each employee

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