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NEC Channel Partner of the Year Awards 2022

NECALL VOICE & DATA RECEIVE THE 2022 NEC UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS CHANNEL PARTNER OF THE YEAR FOR WESTERN AUSTRALIA NECALL are delighted and proud to announce that for the fifth year we have been awarded the 2022 NEC Unified Communications Channel Partner of the...

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NEC UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT BRIDGE Bridging the gap between your NEC premise phone system and the cloud, so your teams can work from anywhere. TURN EVERY PLACE INTO A FLEXIBLE WORKSPACE On-premises phone systems were built for an era where most work happened in the...

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What will be the Future of VoIP Telephony?

WHAT IS VOIP? It is the methodology that used to send and receive voice calls over the Internet. As technology is evolving very rapidly and changing the daily lifestyle, businesses also will be affected by these changes. So, they also required to update their way of...

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It is with great excitement that we would like to announce the availability of NEC UNIVERGE BLUE MEET Webinars in the Australian market It is the perfect webinar platform to get your message out there. NEC Univerge Webinar allows you to have up to 1,000 people login...

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NEC GT210 VoIP / SIP Handset

SIMPLE VOIP / SIP PHONES The NEC GT210 delivers a user friendly VoIP calling experience in a very easy-to-use SIP phones. The GT210 offers support for 1 line, 2 call appearances and includes 3-way voice conferencing to maximize productivity. Additional features...

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NEC Channel Partner of the Year Awards 2021

NECALL PTY LTD HAVE RECEIVED THE 2021 NEC UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS CHANNEL PARTNER OF THE YEAR FOR WESTERN AUSTRALIA We're very pleased to announce NECALL Pty Ltd have received the 2021 NEC Unified Communications Channel Partner of the Year for Western Australia for...

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Cloud Voice

NEC UNIVERGE BLUE® A full suite of cloud services ranging from integrated phone system, video conferencing, messaging and contact UNIVERGE BLUE® CONNECT is an easy-to-use cloud-based communications platform that helps easily manage team communications and...

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IP DECT iServ 8830 Wireless Handset | NECALL

The iServ 8830 IP DECT wireless handset provides an affordable, scalable on-site solution for mobility; allowing you to offer a device to your employees that enables them to keep in touch with colleagues and customers wherever they may be away from their desk, thus...

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