NEC IP DECT - Onsite Wireless Telephone System

NEC G266 IP DECT HandsetNEC G566 IP DECT HandsetNEC I755 IP DECT HandsetNEC M155 IP DECT Handset

NECs mobility solutions deliver high quality wireless voice communications to employees who roam within the building, factory, education or healthcare campus.

Our mobility solutions offer workers to move around the building or across multiple sites, while enjoying uninterrupted access to telephony, along with other features, such as voicemail and text messages.

Unlike GSM, with DECT there are no costs associated with internal calls. There is a wide choice of handsets, including industrial models for heavy duty environments. Crystal clear speech, seamless handover and a secure air interface are some of DECT characteristics, while additional services, such as location detection and short messaging are also available.

NEC IP DECT Wireless Telephone System

Business Mobility IP DECT ensures the best user experience:

  • NECs mobility IP DECT delivers on site wireless telephony that uniquely combines the benefits of IP technology with the superior quality and facilities of the well-established DECT technology. This brings:
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction,  Callers get quick access to employees, improving customer satisfaction
  • Business efficiency; Employees can always be reached and seamless handover guarantees conversations continue when on the move
  • Increased performance; Powerful functionality such as corporate directory access, text messaging and presence
  • Cost savings; Easy to use wireless voice drastically reduces monthly cellular costs
  • For any organisation; Scalable and secure communications for single office, campus or even metropolitan environments.


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